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Zach graduated from Clemson University in 2016 with dual degrees in Architecture and Spanish. In his time at Clemson he participated in the National Scholars Program, studied in New York, South Africa, Spain, Italy, and Bhutan, and received the Rudolph E. Lee Award in the School of Architecture. Zach joined Garvin Design Group in 2016 as an Intern Architect, and is excited to contribute to the firm's efforts and study architecture's ability to solve urban issues and have a positive social impact. He plans to continue his architectural education with a Master's degree and pursue licensure as an architect.

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture - Clemson University 2016, Magna Cum Laude
     Rudolph E. Lee Award in Architgectural Studies
     Overseas Study in Genoa, Italy 2015
     Off-Campus Study in New York 2015
     Overseas Study in Bhutan 2014
     Overseas Study in Stelenbosch, South Africa 2013
Bachelor of Arts in Spanish - Clemson University 2016
     Overseas Study in Salamanca, Spain 2014
American Institute of Architects -
     Associate Member 2015-present

Off the Boards

When not thinking about architecture, Zach is most likely thinking about cars. He loves to work on his 1986 BMW and study car design. Along with cars, Zach frequently spends time outdoors, occasionally with his ukulele. He loves speaking on the phone with his grandmother in Spanish, and often consults her for coffee-drinking advice.