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LEED Gold certified

Patterson Hall

Renovations & Additions
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC

This existing, antiquated dormitory building has been completely demolished back to the structural frame as new tower additions provide the seismic requirements to meet current building codes. Newly designed suite-style dormitory rooms, housing 560 students, and associated living support areas on the upper eight floors, create a modern dormitory meeting current trends in university housing. Located on the main entry level, classroom space, a computer lab, a canteen and gathering spaces are designed to support and enhance the student life experience. The University Housing offices occupy the majority of the lower level of the building along with student support functions associated with campus housing. This facility, in pursuit of the University's commitment to sustainable design, has achieved Gold LEED Certification.

"A spectacular, sunny transformation of a mid-century dormitory building, technical issues are resolved here using honest structural elements like shear walls, and sustainable elements like louvers, trellises, and green roofs, to elegant effect. The building has a pleasing color palette inside and out. Its interior public spaces convey just the right degree of verve for students, and its exterior spaces are well integrated. The jury agreed it's a building we'd hit the brakes for." - 2014 AIA South Caolina jury comments

Project Team Members
Scott Garvin
Steve Layne
David Sickinger
Kim Bendillo


2014 Honor Award
     AIA - South Carolina Chapter

2014 COTE Honor Award
     AIA - South Carolina Chapter

2014 Adaptive Reuse/Renovation Merit Award
     AIA - South Carolina Chapter

2013 Adaptive Use
     Historic Columbia Foundation

2013 Exemplary Project Award

2013 & 2012 Best On-campus Housing
     Student Newspaper