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  • Coldwell Banker Midtown Office
  • Coldwell Banker Midtown Office
  • Coldwell Banker Midtown Office
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Coldwell Banker - Midtown Office

Columbia, SC

On the site of its current 1960's structure on Gervais St., the downtown Columbia office of Coldwell Banker United desired to renovate its existing building, while also doubling the size of the current space. With tight site constraints and agent parking at a premium, the final building expansion scheme resulted in a 7,500-sf, three-story tower addition to the rear of the existing 7,000-sf, two-story structure. The addition's wider footprint, extending beyond the current building, allowed for the expression of a new entryway, relocated from the busy street facade to the juncture between new and old. The new two-story glass storefront at the intersection produces a mirror image of the existing building, respecting the simplicity of the current modernist facade while also providing an updated image to this highly-productive real estate company's local headquarters, and creating a dynamic juxtaposition of old and new. The existing precast concrete facade along Gervais St. and all existing windows have been replaced to coordinate with the new glazed storefront system prevalent throughout the new addition.

Project Team Members
Scott Garvin
Terry Buchmann
David Sickinger

“Renovating an office building which is currently occupied by the tenant is a difficult challenge, yet the work that was designed and executed with both the renovations and the new structure at 1711 Gervais Street was extraordinarily well coordinated. Not only are we happy with the finished product, the manner in which they worked with us as the Owner, Hood Construction as the contractor, and Coldwell Banker United, Realtors as the tenant was exemplary.”
- Jeffrey B, Wheeler
President & COO
Coldwell Banker United, Realtors