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  • Shandon Baptist Church
  • Shandon Baptist Church
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Shandon Baptist Church

New Sanctuary & Education Facilities
Columbia, SC

Work for the newly-relocated Shandon Baptist Church in Columbia began in 1990, and Scott Garvin worked with this rapidly-growing congregation from the beginning. He served as Project Manager/Designer on the masterplan and first building on the current campus, which included the Phase I sanctuary, education space, multipurpose gymnasium, choir rehearsal and administrative space. Later in 1998, Scott oversaw the Phase II education expansion, working together with Mark Timbes as Project Architect. After only a few more years, the church was ready to move into its final phase of expansion with the addition of a 2,600 seat worship center and the conversion of the Phase I sanctuary into additional education space. Scott again oversaw the work on this third and final phase through the Design Development stage, along with Terry Buchmann acting as Project Architect. The overall project, totaling over 220,000 sf in total, will see its final building phase completed in 2006.

Project Team Members
Scott Garvin
Terry Buchmann
Mark Timbes

The project above represents individual experience Garvin Design Group employees gained while working at The Boudreaux Group.