Bert Nash joined Garvin Design Group this month as the firm’s newest architect. A 2019 graduate of Clemson University’s Master of Architecture program, Bert earned his undergraduate degree in film and video at Georgia State University. He is a native of Gwinnett County, Georgia, and worked in film in construction in Atlanta for three years before beginning his graduate work.

Following his passion for Architecture as a means for community advocacy, Bert sought out studio projects that integrated community members and end users in the design process. His interest in digital design and fabrication afforded him experience with some of the field’s newest technologies, including CNC routing, 3D printing, and Parametric Design. Bert also contributed research for the School of Architecture’s Study Abroad program and developed as a travel resource for architects and students. Outside of his myriad academic pursuits, Bert enjoys disc golf, woodworking, experimenting with 3D printing, and spending time with his dog.

“Bert’s passion for architecture as community building and his interest in new technologies makes him a great fit for our team,” Scott Garvin, President of Garvin Design Group, said of the firm’s newest addition. “He’ll be a great addition to our ongoing projects and a inspiration for new pursuits.”