Kimani Raley headshot
Garvin Design Group recently welcomed two additional architectural staff to the firm: Kimani Raley and Eric Bell, graduate students in Clemson University’s School of Architecture program, began summer internships in May. Eric Bell returns to the firm following two previous internships and a two-year period as full-time architectural staff. Kimani Raley joins the firm for the first time this summer. Both Eric and Kimani will return to Clemson in the fall to complete the second year of their graduate studies.

A native of Columbia, Eric Bell graduated from Clemson University in May of 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. He spent one of his last semesters as an undergraduate student in Genoa, Italy, a formative experience that Eric anticipates will leave lasting impressions on his academic and professional development. Among Eric’s scholastic interests are how the different facets of architectural design shape our historical and cultural identities, and what architecture means on a global scale. An avid reader, Eric is a life-long learner and continues to pursue his interest in how perceptions of international architecture and the modern architect change over time.

Kimani Raley’s architecture journey started with a high school drafting and design course and an AP Architecture and Engineering course. She earned her Undergraduate degree in Architecture from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where she was a member of student architecture association AIAS. Kimani is a member of the Clemson chapter of National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMAS), a nonprofit organization dedicated to minimizing the effect of racism in the field of Architecture. She plans to pursue both architectural licensure and a doctoral degree in architecture in years to come.

“We are always excited about the fresh insight and creativity that young architects bring to Garvin Design Group,” said Scott Garvin, the firm’s President, “We’re especially pleased to expand our team this summer and so glad to have Eric and Kimani in the fold.”