Brentwood Park

Brentwood Park

Columbia, SC


Cason Development Group’s Brentwood Park offers space for retail, restaurant, and office tenants in the heart of Forest Acres. Overlooking the intersection of Forest and Brentwood Drive, the two-story commercial building anchors the new mixed-use development and complements the 11 townhomes recently constructed next door.

Brentwood Park’s siting along one of Columbia’s major thoroughfares capitalizes on the visibility provided by this frontage yet also creates a sensitive transition to the adjacent residential neighborhood. The building’s ground floor features three retail tenants, each with large, glass entrances protected by metal canopies on the west and east sides. A low retaining wall encloses an outdoor amenity space buffered by landscaping. The tall, aluminum-clad window system adds transparency to the street level, presenting a permeable and inviting public face to Brentwood Drive. Larger units on the second floor provide space for office and restaurant tenants with access to a shared rooftop patio.

The building’s scale, massing, and materials evoke the historic buildings of Columbia’s downtown commercial corridors. Cementitious siding with detailed paneling clads the ground level and highlights the space between each storefront. A signboard runs continuously above the first floor, creating a highly visible opportunity for individual tenant branding. The upper level features painted brick veneer, paired sash windows, and a classic cornice to give the building a residential character reminiscent of Columbia’s Main Street and Vista historic districts. The result is a building that feels both at home in its neighborhood context and in keeping with its commercial use.


This project is currently under construction with Boyer Construction.

15K sf
square feet
commercial units