Higher Education


Advanced Materials Innovation Complex Feasibility

Clemson University

Clemson, SC


This complex will host a dynamic community of scientists and engineers engaged in transformative basic and applied collaborative research on advanced materials in state-of-the-art laboratories. The facility maximizes resources through shared core laboratories and collaboration spaces, which create fresh synergies between science and engineering that will increase research competitiveness. Multiplying the unique strengths of each discipline, this Complex will enable breakthrough discoveries that occur where science and engineering converge. The graduate and undergraduate laboratories, the active learning spaces, and the unique research opportunities that result from this innovative synergy will capture the imagination of students who wish to change the world. The signature location and design of this facility will also serve as an exemplar to recruit the most exceptional students and the most accomplished faculty, and to accelerate increased grant funding and economic development with industry partners. This facility will reinforce the University’s historical stewardship of the public trust and will better strengthen Clemson’s service to the people of South Carolina, the nation and the world.
This project was designed in association with Perkins+Will.