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Clemson Women’s Basketball Locker Room

Women’s Basketball Locker Room

Clemson University

Clemson, SC


Design for renovation of the Clemson Women’s Basketball Locker Room was challenged to create a vibrant new team space within the existing walls, floor, and ceiling. This D1 university team needed a refreshed space that not only fulfilled the utilitarian functions of a locker room but also engendered the team’s hallmark esprit de corps and enabled them to gather comfortably. The design team was further challenged to complete the renovation within the space of just one summer – the locker room had to be finished prior to the beginning of the basketball season.

Working within the confines of the existing 600 square foot space, the design team leveraged the potential of custom millwork and LED lighting. Sixteen new custom lockers provide clever storage opportunities, comfortable seating, and sophisticated graphic displays celebrating University branding and team culture. Orange bench cushions pop against crisp white solid surface panels. Inside the lockers, purple tiger stripes provide an energetic backdrop to multiple white solid surface compartments. Wide drawers below have perforated drawer fronts to enable ventilation and incorporate a subtle tone-on-tone brand mark. Above the lockers, individualized nameplates celebrate each player. Backlit LED panels display the team’s beloved slogans: TLC (Trust, Loyalty, Commitment) and HYBLAW (Handle Your Business Like a Woman).

Full length mirrors are recessed in three corners, cleverly reflecting light to create a sense of greater space within the locker room. Laundry, trash, and sound equipment storage was redesigned to create improved function and a uniform appearance around the room. The result is a refreshed locker room that enhances this dynamic team’s sense of camaraderie and focus. ⁠

“We were extremely pleased with the work and staff at Garvin Design Group. They sat down with us from the beginning, we gave them our ideas and they ran with it. They were very flexible and accommodating during the entire process and made it all happen in a very short timeline. We gave them our vision and they brought it to life. The end result is a beautiful, functional locker room that is second to none!”

Shellie Greenman, Director of Basketball Operations, Clemson Women’s Basketball

interior shot of Clemson Women's Basketball locker room in the dark