Halls Catch

Halls Catch

Nashville, TN


Elevated new seafood concept Halls Catch joins its much-celebrated sister Halls Chophouse in the first-floor space of Nashville’s Broadwest building. Guests will find Halls’ signature sophistication throughout the main dining room, bar lounge, centerpiece bar, private dining room, and covered outdoor dining space. A robust kitchen and back-of-house space support Halls’ signature level of service and an exciting new seafood menu.

Halls Catch playfully interprets the restaurant family’s brand standard, recasting Halls’ deep blue and bronze as shimmering aquamarines and golds and articulating Halls’ familiar elegance in nautical hues and abstract motifs. Key interior features include warm wood millwork, undulating felt acoustic ceiling fins, luxe pearlescent bar front tile, and textured wall finishes reminiscent of shimmering fish scales and light refracted through ocean waves. The result is a destination that is a totally new and refreshing expression of a beloved brand.

This project is currently under construction with partner Doster Construction.