Halls Chophouse – Nashville

Halls Chophouse – Nashville

Nashville, TN


Design for the Halls Chophouse Nashville restaurant maximizes limited square footage to provide copious space for hospitality while minimizing visibility of service areas. Main and private dining rooms, lounge areas, and two ample bar areas are placed along the perimeter of the space, providing expansive views through Broadwest’s signature glass curtain walls. Support functions are strategically grouped deep in the interior to minimize visibility of service routes and areas. An internal corridor wraps around the main kitchen, providing guests a glimpse into the magic of Halls’ culinary operations.

Interior and exterior dining areas offer extensive views of the city skyline. Exterior dining areas overlooking 16th Avenue and Broadway provide both communal and private outdoor seating. Motorized exterior roller shades create a retractable roof for the “front porch” seating along Broadway.  Custom casework behind the main bar ensures bar patrons have unobstructed views to the outside.

Fixtures and finishes celebrate both Halls’ branding and the restaurant’s Nashville setting. Hex tile flooring, vast oak bar tops, cork-wrapped columns, dark wood millwork, and interior brick walls recall the Charleston flagship that made the Halls name famous.  Acoustic ceiling fins, bronze coil drapery, emerald wall tile, and colored glass light fixtures exude the youthful energy and glamour of Nashville.

Garvin Design Group first collaborated with Halls Chophouse on the company’s Columbia restaurant in 2018.


Photography by Jason Bihler.