Carlos Richardson

Carlos Richardson



Raised in the Redbank area, Carlos’s journey began in the heart of South Carolina. He graduated from White Knoll High School in 2021 and is currently immersed in his undergraduate studies at Clemson University’s School of Architecture. Alongside his major, Carlos is diligently completing a minor in Sociology. Actively engaged in campus life, he participates in activities with the Clemson student chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects (cNOMAS), finds solace and community in a campus ministry called Navigators, and has gained valuable experience through various on-campus jobs.

Carlos’s academic pursuits led him to a transformative experience studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain during the spring of his third year. This immersive experience deepened his appreciation for diverse worldviews and cultures, solidifying his commitment to global engagement. With aspirations of further academic achievement, Carlos plans to pursue graduate studies and ultimately obtain licensure in architecture.

Driven by a passion for art and creativity, Carlos’s love for artistic expression sparked his affinity for architecture. As a hobbyist, he finds joy in reading, music, sketching, and sports. Amidst his varied interests, Carlos’s greatest joy comes from spending quality time with friends and family, cherishing moments of connection and camaraderie.


A photo of a group of young people sitting in the stands of a baseball stadium smiling at the camera.
A photo of a group of young people standing together on a red and white terrazzo floor. One young man is holding a plate of nachos.