Garvin Design Group’s Rosewood Church redevelopment project won a Golden Nail Award at the Columbia Chamber’s 2023 Impact Awards on March 8th. Now known as 5th & Sloan, the Rosewood Church site has been adapted for new mixed-use. The project team behind the transformation included Cason Development Group, Tax Credit Marketplace, and Boyer Construction.

The 5th & Sloan project preserved the beloved Rosewood Church building and carefully added new construction to complement existing site features and enhance the pedestrian experience along Rosewood Drive. The former Rosewood Church building contains 49 new apartment units and plush common areas. The old sanctuary building retains many of its key architectural features, including its:

  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Chandelier and pendant light fixtures
  • Wood wainscoting and windowsills
  • Stained-glass window in the front façade
  • Steeple

Demolition of the fellowship hall and Sunday School building – a later addition to the site – created an interior courtyard for apartment residents. A new three-story addition in its place uses building materials that recall the features prominent in the surrounding neighborhood.

“Our design team worked to retain the historic fabric of the church while transforming the use from worship spaces to living spaces,” said Alex Sojourner, Garvin Design Group Architect and Project Manager. “The preservation of elements like the vaulted ceilings, stained millwork, and chandeliers coupled with modern amenities bring new life to the buildings without obscuring their original church use.”

Across Sloan Street, the church’s former gym and kitchen building has been transformed to accommodate new commercial tenants. A new two-story building at the southwest corner of Sloan Street and Rosewood Drive incorporates elements of both the Rosewood Church building and the renovated one-story building just to the north. Shell space on the ground floor houses a new Starbucks location and space for a future commercial tenant. The second level houses three short-term rental units. Site work added sidewalks, ramps, curbs, and landscaping to enhance the pedestrian experience throughout the site.

“We are so proud of the way this project turned out and the partnership we forged with Cason Development Group and Boyer Construction,” said Scott Garvin, President and CEO of Garvin Design Group. “Church buildings are being adapted for new uses across the country, and it was fun to implement that trend here in Columbia. It’s always exciting to work with teams experimenting with adaptive reuse in unusual spaces.”

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